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A New Song Cycle


This new song cycle was recorded at Birmingham City University June 4th-6th 2018 by Katie Ann Dolling as The Artist. The song cycle is an Arts Council commission. The lyrics and story are by the writer Ian Billings who recently wrote the acclaimed Radio 4 play 'Spike and the Elfin Oak' (Ian and Stephen first collaborated on a song 'A Dream of Home' to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the town of Telford and were both at sixth form college together). The song cycle has been superbly orchestrated, arranged and musically directed by Will Henshall. Children from schools in the West Midlands area contributed ideas for the cycle based on a series of abstract paintings they were shown by Ian from Wolverhampton Art Gallery. With thanks to Dan Whitehouse, Pete Bill, Sam Coley, Tom and Ella.




An artist contemplates a blank canvas, an endless horizon. She wonders what shapes and images will emerge. She takes her brushes and paint, imagines and dreams wondering what she will see...and what of her own life story will emerge. Listen on SoundCloud




1a. Flamingo

1b. Moon

2. The Monster

3. The Boy

4. Rainbow Town

5. Lullaby

6. Gone




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