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Instrumental Music

As well as his theatre and choral music Stephen composes instrumental music. He has composed a Piano Concerto, seven sonatas and pieces for various instrumental ensembles. View and listen to the scores below by clicking the links to Score Exchange. Most scores are also now available on Sheet Music Direct and Sheet Music Plus.

Piano B&W

Ukrainian Folk Song Arrangement

Duet for Cello and Piano

LES DEUX - Full Score

Suite of 12 duets for various instruments

1. Les deux oiseaux (The two birds)

Duet for Flute and A Clarinet

2. Les deux cygnes (The two swans)

Duet for Viola and Cello

3. Les deux loutres (The two otters)

Duet for Oboe and Bassoon

4. Les deux baleines (The two whales)

Duet for Horn in F and Double Bass

7. Les deux marcheurs (The two marchers)

Duet for Trumpet in Bb and Snare Drum

8. Les deux saxophones (The two saxophones)

Duet for Soprano sax and Alto Sax

9. Les deux cloches (The two bells)

Duet for Tubular Bells and Piano

Classical Music Players

12. Les deux adieux (The two farewells)

Duet for Harp and Bb Clarinet

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