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Listen to Benjamin Froehlich sing 'Shoot For The Moon' from the show on SoundCloud via the link below!


Amba, glam rock star, is shot at his astrodome concert in Texas. He disappears. Two rock journalists set out to find him and trace his story which involves faked death, suicide, stock-market crashes, TV smashes, transexuality and murder.



Son of a brain drain space scientist and a broken home, Guy spends his teenage years in rock ‘n roll time USA. Avoiding the mid-sixties draft by fleeing to the UK, he hits the gay scene - rescued from busking, he’s transformed into the glam rock star, Amba.


Meanwhile, his long lost Mama has been found down in the dumps by TV life-changer, Chance Promo. They discover that she’s a TV natural as she becomes the star of her own hit show, A Date With Your Stars. Meanwhile Guy’s ex-girl friend comes to England to find him. All the stories intertwine until Mama invites Amba onto her show unaware that he is Guy, her long lost son …  

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