'Tom, Dick or Harry' is a one woman show consisting of a small play (18 pages in length) with eight songs written by Stephen Clark. In 2008, at Stephen's request, I set all the songs to music and he was delighted with the result. It's essentially a small musical for one performer (can be played by a young or older female) and piano accompaniment.


As agreed with Stephen the sheet music to all the songs is available to download on Score Exchange. Follow the link below and click on the Clark/Keeling file:




There is also a link to the sheet music of the songs on Sheet Music Page 3


I was deeply saddened when Stephen died, far too young, in 2016.

Stephen was an incredibly gifted writer whom I have known since the days of the Sondheim Masterclass and it was a privilege to set his words for this piece and also for 'My Father's Son.'


The eight songs are in show order:


1. All the Lonely Things

2. Lovers Come and Lovers Go

3. Significant Other

4. You're Only On Your Own

5. Perfect

6. Like Painting a Picture

7. I Wait

8. The Painting's Nearly Over


Listen to my demo performance of 'Like Painting a Picture' on SoundCloud

Tom, Dick or Harry  

Book and lyrics by Stephen Clark

Music by Stephen Keeling