Music by Stephen Keeling     Book and lyrics by Shaun McKenna

Creative development by John Havu   Orchestrations by Stef Mens



THE RETURN OF PETER PAN is a thrilling, new musical sequel to Peter Pan.

Concord Theatricals Berlin will license the show in Germany, Switzerland and Austria.

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The Return of Peter Pan will have a workshop at the Bayerische Munich Theaterakademie directed by Gaines Hall in April.

This workshop was postponed due to Coronavirus.

'Magic' 'Lagoonland' and 'Anywhere But Here' orchestrated by Stef Mens.

West End leading singer Dominic Hodson recently recorded The Big Adventures. Listen via the SoundCloud link!

Click the links below to watch songs from the show on YouTube. Composer/piano demos.



Brina is fed up. Her mother is a flake, they've just been thrown out of yet another home and now they're being hassled in the park by a group of strange old men. Deep in her teenage rebellious phase, Brina wants more out of life. When her mother accepts the old men's offer of shelter, "more" is exactly what Brina gets. The old men are Peter Pan's Lost Boys, grown up at last. When Peter arrives, with Tink the feisty fairy, he whisks Brina and her brothers back to a much changed Neverland. A Neverland where the Pirates have set up home with the Mermaids on the shores of 'Lagoonland' and Captain James Hook has just escaped from the jaws of the crocodile (whose throat proved too small to swallow him). Set on revenge, and determined to raise the Pirate Flag once more, Hook sets out to destroy his old enemy, Pan. Peter, Brina and Tink find themselves caught up in the biggest of all big adventures - an adventure which hangs on whether Brina can really bring herself to believe in magic.

The Return of Peter Pan


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