Music by Stephen Keeling

Book and lyrics by Ed Hardy

Industry Showcase Performance 1995





Stephen collaborated with Ed Hardy (who set up and ran the Mercury Workshop for several years, 'Martin Guerre' lyricist and now a successful children's author) on a musical adaptation of Antonia Barber's famous story “The Ghosts”. The novel was made into a very popular film in 1972 "The Amazing Mr Blunden" which was directed by Lionel Jeffries and was the first film Stephen saw at the cinema. Stephen met Ed on the Sondheim Masterclass in Oxford and after getting on very well, they naturally decided to collaborate on a musical and chose 'The Ghosts'. They worked on the show over a three year period which culminated in a fantastic industry showcase performance in 1995 at the Theatre Museum, Covent Garden attended by Antonia Barber (Antonia had previously attended a private play-through of the show). Presented by the Mercury Workshop and directed by Steven Dexter the truly excellent performance was unfortunately seen by very few people.





Appearing in the 1995 Concert Performance were:

Norma Atallah (as Mrs Wickens), Craig Pinder, Eddie Glen, Francesca Ellis, Ruth Platt,

Sam Christey, Daniel Hopkins,

Suzy Cooper, Peter Prentice.

Musical Director: Carlton Edwards.

Music/Lyrics Copyright © 1994 Hardy/Keeling


The Amazing Mr Blunden

Edward Hardy