MY FATHER'S SON (MADE IN SHEFFIELD)   Lyrics by Stephen Clark

TOM, DICK OR HARRY   Lyrics by Stephen Clark

My Father's Son (Made in Sheffield), Sea Change,

The Last Wave and more...

THE LAST WAVE    Lyrics by Peter Spafford

Where Were You? (Opening Number)

SWScan00012 (2)

SEA CHANGE     Lyrics by Michelle Magorian




His Face


Sea Change

THE DEVIL AND MR STONE   Lyrics by Dennis Pickford


The Ballad of Salem County

CREATION STORY   Lyrics by Anthea Deakin


Complete Vocal Score Version 15


SHEET MUSIC Page 3 for songs from my musicals with other writers.

Please click on the song title to view the sheet music and listen to an mp3 of the song. Please let me know if you have any requests and you can contact me via the contact page. More songs will continue to be added.