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Night Shoot

Music by Stephen Keeling

Story, book and lyrics by Jonathan Miles

The musical is set around the filming of Les Enfants du Paradis in Nice, in Nazi occupied France and centres on brother and sister Lucien and Blanche Dombâsle who are in the Resistance. Listen to To Victory and As I Go On Wanting below.


the film proclaimed the soul of France

            – its crew and cast fought for French freedom


The Show - Overview



When the French classic, Les Enfants du Paradis was filmed in Nice during World War II, many of the cast and extras were involved in clandestine activities. Some were members of the Resistance but others collaborated with the Germans.


Set around the filming of Les Enfants du Paradis, the musical tells an original story of lives torn apart by war. Siblings, Blanche and Lucien, are united in their struggle against the Nazis as the cast and crew of Les Enfants lead a dangerous double life.


Act I takes place in Spring 1944.

Act II takes place between June and mid-August of the same year.


Please note 'Night Shoot' is an original story.



As of Autumn 2017 we now have a complete show!

The first complete read-through was held on September 26th 2017.

In July 2019 Benjamin Froehlich recorded four new songs from the show. Listen to them on the online album.




Marcel Carné Director of Les Enfants du Paradis

Robert le Vigan First casting of Jericho for the film – a Nazi collaborator

Georges A film extra and Resistant

Blanche Dombâsle A beautiful young librarian

Lucien Dombâsle Blanche’s brother, film extra and Resistant

André Blanche’s almost ex-boyfriend, film extra and Resistant

Jacques Prévert Poet and scriptwriter of Les Enfants du Paradis

The Commandant Commander of the German forces on the Riviera

The actress, Arletty, who plays Garance in the film

Helmut A Nazi soldier

Karl A Nazi soldier with anti-Nazi beliefs

Gabriel Poet, film extra, would-be resistant and smitten with Blanche

Jean-Bernard A mysterious confidence trickster

Pierre Renoir Second casting of Jericho – son of the Impressionist painter

Über-leutnant Neumann The Commandant’s ruthless deputy

Über-leutnant Schlauss A German officer

Ensemble who play various parts.



David Shannon (As I Go On Wanting*,

Between The Dream and the Street,

Gala Soirée,)

Lana Green (Illusion, He Chatters*)

John Burline (Jericho Knows*, Germany Calling)

Russell Wilcox (Gala Soirée*),

Laura Michelle Kelly, Annicka Birt, Andrea Stevens.

Recorded at Green Studios, London


COPYRIGHT © Story, Music, Book and Lyrics Miles/Keeling

All rights reserved.

* The sheet music to As I Go On Wanting, Jericho Knows

He Chatters and Gala Soirée is available on Score Exchange

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