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The parts can encompass a wide age-range. Feel flexible.

The age-range at the 1999 production at the Crucible was between 9 and 55.





Lizabeth - Mother to Sam, Carrie, Lucy and Billy

Sam - late teens/20s

Lucy - teenager

Carrie - younger child (9 -12)

Billy - younger child (9 -12)

John Eltham - Uncle to Sam, Lucy, Carrie and Billy. Owner of the Mill


Jenny Blackwell - Sam's love and similar age

Molly O'Donnel - Fiery, close friend of Jenny who's looking for love

Tom Blackwell - Sam's best friend and Jenny's brother who's keen on Molly

Rev. Peterson

Peter Fletcher - John's Foreman at the Mill


THE FIELDS OF ASHOVER (second half of Act 2)

(These parts are doubled with the other parts below)

Flo Turner - soloist in To Lie is the Thing. Befriends Sam in the Fields of Ashover.

Ruth Brown - soloist in City Boy, Never Push Your Luck

Polly Cooper - soloist in City Boy, Never Push Your Luck

Michael Plackett - soloist in City Boy

Rosie Ward


OTHER PARTS (Ensemble). Buffer Girls, Mill workers, Stokers etc.

Parts can cover a wide age-range. Four of the female cast double with Flo, Ruth,

Polly and Rosie in The Fields of Ashover section. The two Michaels can also double.


Linda Webster

Marge Webster

Sally O'Donnel

Peggy O'Donnel

Ben O'Donnel

Fiona Kelsey

Terry Kelsey

Clare Blackwell

Jack Blackwell

Chris Tate

Arnold Sheldon

Bert Barlow

Stuart Hill

Richard Hill

Michael Beardsley


CHILDREN (9 -12)

Anna Blackwell

Pearl Sheldon

Ellen Webster

Lily O'Donnel

Eddie Blackwell

Walter Sheldon

Ted Webster

Sid Webster





Eileen Fawcett - Founder of the Made in Sheffield Theatre Company

who commissioned and produced My Father's Son


The Three Steves: Dexter, Keeling and Clark

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