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Music by Laurence O'Keefe and Stephen Keeling

Book by Dana Broccoli  Ochestrations by John Cameron

Lyrics by John Claflin and Laurence O'Keefe.

Additional lyrics by Shaun McKenna

High romance, high politics and high adventure in this epic musical set in medieval Spain

"Epic...soaring score" Financial Times

Listen to I Stayed Behind and My Dream Came True

Luke (141x144)


“LA CAVA” is an epic musical based on Dana Broccoli’s book "Florinda". The story concerns the doomed love affair between King Roderic of Toledo and a young woman (Florinda) which ultimately causes a war and leads to the downfall of the King.

Stephen and Shaun came on board for the London production in 1999 adding new material and several new numbers to the show (including the two numbers on this page) prior to its preview at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley in Spring 2000. The show transferred to the Victoria Palace Theatre, London with Oliver Tobias as King Roderic, David Bardsley as Julian, Julie Alanah-Brighten as Florinda, Marilyn Cutts as Exilona, Paul Keating as Agon and Luke Evans as Theo. Later the show moved to the Piccadilly Theatre. Steven Dexter directed the spectacular production with sets by Francis O’Connor and choreography by Mitch Sebastian. The score was orchestrated by John Cameron.

The Original London Cast Recording was released on Dress Circle Records in 2001.


Florinda is sent to the court of King Roderic in Toledo by her father General Julian Espatorias leaving behind her childhood sweetheart Somal. Florinda loathes the routine of the court and fights against it. Unkown to her she has caught the eye of the King and ignited the jealousy of his Queen, Exilona. Somal decides to follow Florinda to Toledo where he is caught and slain by the King. Florinda vows vengeance. She sends a message to her father the King has raped her-war is inevitable.

But as war approaches Florinda finds herself falling in love with the King...




“Laurence O’Keefe and Stephen Keeling’s score has size, energy

 ...soul” (David Benedict, The Times)

“The music has genuine colour and imagination” (Metro)

“La Cava is huge: big themes, grand passions, epic story, towering set and soaring score” (Financial Times)

“Epic sets, soaring love ballads, a thrilling theatrical spectacle”

(Daily Telegraph)

“Steven Dexter’s production is spectacular” (What’s On)

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