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A sung-through musical for seven soloists and choir

Words by Anthea Deakin

 Music by Stephen Keeling

Additional words by Alison Varley, Stephen Keeling and Alison Reddihough

CREATION STORY was Stephen's first stab at a full-length, sung-through musical. Written during his second year at Goldsmiths, CREATION STORY is a broad retelling of the events covered in the first part of Genesis and the fall of Lucifer. Entirely sung-through, it could also be called a musical oratorio. CREATION STORY was first performed at the National Garden Festival in 1986 and the following year at the Gatehouse Theatre in Stafford by a terrific cast. It brought Stephen to the attention of the composer Stephen Oliver who met with Stephen to go through the work, encouraged him to keep writing and sent him off to a publisher.


Stephen has recently revised CREATION STORY and the 127 page new vocal score is now available on

Score Exchange (version 18).


For information about the original production please click on the link above 'Creation Story Revisited'



ARCHANGEL MICHAEL (Main Narrator) - High Rock Tenor/High Tenor

LUCIFER - High Rock Tenor/High Tenor

ARCHANGEL GABRIEL (Second Narrator) - High Baritone


GOD - Baritone

ADAM - High Baritone

EVE - Mezzo

Choir of Angels



2.Somewhere in the Heavens

3. God and Lucifer

4. There's Music in Creation

5. The Water of Life

6. Earth

   7. The World is Ready for Life

            8. Can You Number the Fish in the Ocean

9. Birds of Freedom

10. When the World was New

11. There's Been a War in Heaven



12. Prelude/Eden

13. I Opened My Eyes in a Garden

14. First Love

15. Satan and Eve

    16a. The Gates Will Open Wide

16b. Eve Answers

17. Adam's Fall

 18a. Satan's Triumph

18b Satan's Triumph part 2

 19. The World Beyond The Gate

 20. I Will Come to You/Epilogue


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