A new page for small-scale musicals written for children age 6 -13.

All have piano accompaniment.


Music and lyrics by Stephen Keeling


Cast: Bill, Bob and Jen (The Three Pigs), The Wolf.



A fun and imaginative small-scale Cantata of the well-loved fairy tale written for a group of children in 2002 for concert performance or with simple staging.

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(Please note at the moment this musical play is unavailable)

A fun, inventive seasonal Christmas Play with songs ideal for schools or drama groups.

Story, play, music and lyrics by Stephen Keeling


Cast: Wilma, Erick, Ghost of the 5th Duke of Borrowshire, Dolores - a Wicked Fairy,

Glurck and Spud (Dolores' henchmen), Princess Lucinda, Melisande - a Good Fairy.

Chorus: Boss Street Gang, Citizens of the City of Boss, Palace toadies, a Unicorn. Cameo apperance at the end of the play by Father Christmas (parent or teacher).


The Story

It's nearly Christmas Eve and Wilma, an orphan, finds a secret way to the snowy, magical city of Boss which is ruled over by a wicked Fairy called Dolores. Helped by her new best friends (the Ghost of the 5th Duke of Borrowshire and the Boss Street Gang led by Erick) Wilma must find a way to rescue Melisande the good Fairy and Princess Lucinda, the rightful ruler of Boss, who are both locked up in a hidden tower which can only be found by solving a riddle. But before they can start searching for the hidden tower they are captured by Glurk and Spud who take them to Dolores. She locks them all up. In the dungeon they find some words scrolled on to the wall which will help them solve the riddle to find the hidden tower. They manage to escape and find the hidden tower. Unfortunately Melisande has lost her power and in order to restore it they must also find a Unicorn, who must say some special words in order to give Melisande her magic back. Only then can Dolores be defeated and Princess Lucinda be restored as the rightful ruler of Boss but will they get everything ready in time for Christmas when they hear the news Father Christmas is on the way?

Featuring the songs: Nearly Christmas Eve, Where Am I?, I'm the 5th Duke of Borrowshire, Boss Street Gang, Dolores!, The Words on the Wall, Escape from the Dungeon, The Unicorn, Back to the Palace and It's Christmas at Last!

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THE LAST WAVE (For older groups age 13 - 20s)

Book and lyrics by Peter Spafford

Music by Stephen Keeling

Acclaimed 'quest' musical set sometime, someplace in the near future.

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