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Between The Kisses

Music by Stephen Keeling

Book and lyrics by Jonathan Miles

Six ambitious people operating in a world of showbiz and mid-Atlantic media antics are always on the move, always on the make. They get entangled, outangled, change partners. They take trips round the world for their careers but journey into themselves on voyages of self-discovery.



The lives of the six characters (who all work in the media and the entertainment industry) intertwine and entangle as they travel the world. Andrea (a hard-bitten agent) is married to Colin (a playwright) but is smitten with Hal - a narcissistic and famous actor whom she represents. Meanwhile, Sam (Hal's abandoned wife) is having a breakdown in Esher. Maggie, a journalist who is writing a piece about Colin's plays, falls for him. And then there's Gordon, a ruthless media manipulator who exploits anybody and everybody to get what he wants…


Stephen met the noted author Jonathan Miles in 2000 and they decided to start writing together. Jonathan trained at London's Central School of Speech and Drama before going on to University College, London and Jesus College, Oxford. He is the author of the widely acclaimed “Medusa: The Shipwreck, the Scandal, the Masterpiece”. 'enthralling … virtuoso’ (The Telegraph); ‘a thrilling read’ (The Guardian); ‘grippingly recounted … the narrative brilliantly meted out’ (New York Times). His latest book, “The Nine Lives of Otto Katz” ‘ (‘irresistible’ - The Sunday Times; ‘unique’ - The Los Angeles Times; ‘biography at its best’ - The Washington Times) provides the inspiration for Stephen and Jonathan's latest collaboration Dietrich and the Red Spy.


Stephen and Jonathan are working on four musicals together - including NIGHTSHOOT and BETWEEN THE KISSES which are at various stages of development.

Most recently they have been working on a musical inspired by Jonathan’s latest book “The Nine Lives Of Otto Katz” called DIETRICH AND THE RED SPY. They are also developing a musical set in the glam-rock world of the 70s, MAMA'S GUY.

Listen to a selection of their work on SoundCloud and Anchorage and I Am Alone below.



Jonathan Miles


David Shannon, Lana Green, Steven Povey, John Burline,

Russell Wilcox, Laura Michelle Kelly, Annicka Birt, Andrea Stevens.

Recorded at Green Studios, London 2002.

COPYRIGHT © 2002 Miles/Keeling. All rights reserved.

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