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A Musical Riddle

(in progress)


Switzerland 2005-2008,


Germany 2007-2008





Salisbury 1996

London 1997

(United States 2021/22)

La Cava

London 2000-2001

Munich 2020

Sea Change 

A new musical for five actors

My Father's Son

(Made in Sheffield)

Crucible Theatre,

Sheffield 1994, 1999

Lilian Baylis Theatre


Sheffield City Hall 1993

Night Shoot

A new musical set around the filming of Les Enfants du Paradis


Johanna and Heidi

Heidi The Musical Part 2

070726 01 Heidi Dietrich and the Red Spy

Comrade Pav

(in progress)

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Stephen has written musicals with Shaun McKenna, Stephen Clark, Jonathan Miles, Michelle Magorian and other writers. Click the images/titles to visit individual pages about each show, listen to music, videos and more. Some shows are available to license. See the Put on my Shows page.

The Devil

Lucky Night

Rotherham 1998